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Tequila isn’t for everyone. If we asked you to name someone who refuses to down this agave nectar of the gods, you could probably name three. But as it turns out, tequila isn’t the enemy; we’ve just been drinking it wrong, and Casa Dragones is here to wash away your college trauma, one sip at a time.

This top shelf sipping tequila is produced in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico, a colonial town turned artist’s enclave turned hub of chic restaurants, bars, shops and boutique hotels.Here, Casa Dragones has found its home in the former stables for the Dragones cavalry battalion in the 17th century. Here, its founder, Bertha Gonzalez Nieves is working towards the future by drawing inspiration from tequila’s 250-year past.

Through tequila tastings and innovative food pairings, Gonzalez Nieves is out to prove that Tequila isn’t just for getting drunk, but a drink that has the potential to be as sophisticated as a good whisky or wine.