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Dumplings. China’s gift to the world. These soft, crescent-shaped Asian delights contain a mix of meat and vegetables and can be served steamed, boiled or fried. Some like to dip them in vinegar, others like them plain, and most go for the good ole soy sauce, garlic and pepper mix but regardless of how they are prepared or eaten, we can all agree that these little treats are delicious. Legend says that dumplings were first conceived by Chinese Doctor, Zhang Zhongjing, as a remedy for frostbite. He wrapped a mix of medicinal herbs and mutton in dough then fed them to the sickly to improve their blood flow and voilá! A flavorful remedy had been born! Now, dumplings can be found in almost every street and night market across Asia and the world. Many countries have their own version of them and some even dare to say that it is the inspiration behind other dishes around the world such as the Italian ravioli, and the Nepalese momo’s! Oh dumplings, we will never get sick of you <3



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1. Yang's Dumplings | Shanghai

In Shanghai, if you’re unsure which street eatery you should try just check which one has the longest line, that’s usually a good sign. And yes, lines for Yang’s Fried Dumplings go around the block, that’s how good these little crunchy, meaty, delicious bites of happiness are.

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2. Ho Lee Fook | Hong Kong

Located in Hong Kong, Ho Lee Fook means “fortune for your mouth” in Chinese, but once you try their dishes I’m positive you’ll be meaning it in English. Chef Jowett Yu really knows how to elevate classic Chinese dishes, and we are obsessed with their chili oil wontons.

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3. Harajuku Gyoza Lo | Tokyo

Whenever we feel like stuffing our faces with dumplings in Tokyo, one of our favorite joints is the Harajuku Gyoza-lo. There’s only two choices here, pan-fried or boiled dumplings. I mean, what other way would you want it?

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