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Chef Jowett Yu became so hot that he had to go underground – literally.  

Ho Lee Fook serves “modern interpretations of classic Chinese dishes” from a restaurant located steps below the surface of trendy Elgin Street in Soho. As you make your way downstairs to the entrance of the restaurant a wall of waving golden maneko-neko cats welcomes you to this sleek, underground oasis.  

With a knack for elevating common dishes, you can find classed up versions of traditional fare like fried rice and dumplings or more adventurous items like YUNNAN STYLE STEAK TARTARE. No reservations, but certainly worth the wait for this exalted, yet unpretentious dining experience.  

One taste will make you want to shout the restaurant's name, which means “fortune for your mouth” in Chinese - quite different from what it sounds like in English.