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Golden Computer Arcade has cleaned up its act since the old days of being the epicenter for pirated DVDs, electronics and software. But the place still feels like that guy on the corner saying “Pssst. I got computers, I got DVDs, I got cameras. Whatever you need is what I got.”

Located in Sham Shui Po, one of the grittier neighborhoods in Hong Kong (read cheaper goods, not necessarily unsafe), Golden Computer Arcade offers multiple floors of pretty much every tech/electronics gadget and accessory you might want (or not).

Although high end computers and electronics are scarce, everything else is jammed in the tight aisles from colored iPhone cables, to graphics cards and monitors, to even auto parts. Golden is a great place for the tech enthusiast - to pick up that perfect piece of hardware to expand their PC capabilities - and the everyday consumer looking for an HDMI cable at actual cost. Whoever you are, go with a plan and a gadget grocery list. This place is not for tech sissies.