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Foodie’s from Shanghai live with an array of international restaurants to pick from but the European dining experience is one of the most sought after. From delicious Spanish tapas to French fine dining, here is our curated countdown to Shanghai’s must-taste European restaurants. Bon appetite!

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1. Franck Bistro

French dining at it’s best in Shanghai. The space is cozy and casual while still feeling sophisticated. Wind down after a long weekend with a glass of wine and prepare yourself for the Monday hustle.

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2. Scarpetta

Italian food made with west coast love. Scarpetta has homey vibes and equally delicious and homey Italian foods. Make some room before you come because you will most likely be making some serious damage once you’re there.

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3. Mercato

If you’re willing to drop some g’s then this is the place for you. A breathtaking view of Shanghai’s skyline combined with some mouthwatering house-made pastas and pizzas make for a great dining experience. The third child of Jean-Georges in Shanghai has definitely come to stay.

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4. Via

Generally everything in Shanghai moves lightning fast, so fast that if you don’t pay attention, the city could just leave you behind. Via offers up a respite from all of the action by specializing in slow cooking and a watchful focus on food quality. Everything about Via is designed to put the brakes on your otherwise hectic existence.


*Editor’s Note: Our staff pick VIA has closed down. Word on the street is that the creator’s or working on something new...we’ll keep you posted.


5. Tomatito

We like to get our drank on at dinner if it’s not a ‘liquid dinner’ we’re having altogether. If you’re nodding your head in agreement, then come sit with us at Tomatito. The plan is to get a little bit liquored up while pigging out on “comfort tapas”...we all know that’s how the best nights begin.

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