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We know your story, you’ve had your fair share of the Din Tai Fungs, and now you want to know more, you want to dig deeper, you want to uncover and explore the local food scene, you want to eat what the locals are eating. Well, listen up ‘cause we’re here to tell you all about it, so be quiet and watch the video.

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1. Jin Feng Minced Pork

 Minced pork rice is a staple of local Taiwanese fare, you can pretty much find it in any Taiwanese restaurant or local food stall. But if you want to try a bowl of minced pork rice that’s particularly bomb, then get yours at Jin Feng Minced Pork.

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Black Samurai Hot Pot

Ahh, hotpot is something that Taiwanese people all know and love. There are many delicious hotpot places in Taipei you can try, but if you want one with a pork and taro broth, then try the one at Black Samurai Hot Pot. 

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3. Fu Hang Dou Jiang

Do like the locals and try out that bomb Taiwanese breakfast. At Fu Hang Dou Jiang you will definitely be getting one of the best-tasting Taiwanese breakfasts around, you can just tell by the line that forms out front every morning. 

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4. James Kitchen

To try that authentic Taiwanese home cookin’, head over to James Kitchen on Yongkang Rd. This place is pretty much as authentic as it gets, and every dish is cooked to perfection to boot. 


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5. Ningxia Night Market

You can’t say you understand Taiwanese food if you have never visited a Taiwanese night market. This is the stuff that Taiwanese people LIVE for. Once you find yourself loving all the night market foods, then you can be sure you’ve got yourself a Taiwanese palate.

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