If art, culture, and finding ways to elevate the mind and senses are your things, then the 7 recommendations below are awesome windows into the different cultural happenings in Asia. Whether you’re looking for a cool gift, want to meet like-minded people, or just stuff to do on the weekend, we’ve got you covered.

1. 798 Art Zone & Caochangdi | Beijing

Beijing’s ever growing art scene has given birth to over 740 galleries but 798 Art Zone & Caochangdi are the ones you have to look out for. After the Chinese Revolution, these two districts have transformed into one of the largest art communities in the city. 798 Art Zone has more of an avant-garde/Bauhaus feel to it, whereas Caochangdi's creative grounds are bound to bring out the Picasso in you. Just a 10-minute cab ride away from each other, these two art villages have a number of galleries, exhibitions, design firms, and retail stores that feature unique items from around the world!  If Beijing is on your travel bucket list - which it should be - don't forget to make a stop at these two art hubs, we promise  you'll leave both feeling inspired.

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2. Dong Liang | Shanghai

If the thought of getting a graphic tee with "I<3SH" makes your hipster stomach turn, then visit this indie boutique and get a more refined piece of Chinese fashion to take home as a souvenir.  This charming style house has three floors stocked with garments created by local designers.

Just being inside Dong Liang's headquarters is like visiting an art gallery. Each floor showcases an assortment of clothing garments and accessories from different designers - all local, of course - so you're bound to find the perfect piece to complete your next outfit that will have your hipster friends writhing with envy.

WARNING: Prices WILL escalate as you go up the boutique's stairs, just sayin'.

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3. Antique Delicate | Taipei

This warehouse-like antique shop will definitely pull at the heartstrings of those who seek items that have a bit of history behind them. A step inside and you'll feel like you've stumbled upon a pirate's treasure trove. Carefully curated objects are neatly displayed all over the insides of this seemingly unassuming store, taking over its walls and corners.  You'll be amazed by the number of stories that can fit into a single room! Shop owner, Jin, personally picks out  vintage furniture, Japanese crafts, and exquisitely random  thingamabobs that will for sure elevate the style of your living spaces.

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4. Vinyl Hero - Hong Kong

It’s out with the new and in with the old. Hipsters that have a trained ear for exquisitely produced music, we present you Vinyl Heros. It all started when owner, Paul Au, stumbled upon some golden records in a local flea market. Little did he know he would be spreading his love for vinyls with the rest of the world after his collection started to stack a little too high. Now, Paul's quaint little shop has become a haven that welcomes audiophiles with open arms and beats for days.

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5. Siwilai | Bangkok

Stop, drop, and shop! Siwilai is a concept store that will not disappoint the discriminating eye of the traveling hipster. Siwilai brings the variety and color of Bangkok's bustling markets and gives it a touch of contemporary artistry and design. Just browsing through this store is an experience in itself,  every item in its halls is on display like artwork at a gallery. Within the spaces of this lifestyle store, you will find apparel for both men and women, vintage accessories, locally-made artisanal projects, toys, beauty items, vinyl libraries and other novel gadgets. Think next level Muji. Have we sparked your interest?

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6. Loopwheeler | Tokyo

In the Wakayama prefecture of Tokyo city lies a sweatshirt shop that is everything but ordinary. A sweatshirt shop that lives in an eternal #throwback state. Its sweatshirts may not seem like much at first glance until you learn a bit of the history behind their manufacturing. As you might have guessed by the name of the shop, these garments are carefully and slowly made by loop wheeling machines that have become extinct in the fashion industry, except in Tokyo of course. Crew-cuts, zip-ups, hoodies, button-ups... Any style of sweatshirt you can think of you'll find here. Which will you pick? It's your call.

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7. Common Ground | Seoul

Although this department store may be a little too crowded for a hipster's comfort, it sure

is one of a kind. It's not every day that you find a shopping center made out of 200 shipping containers! The building itself is a spectacle - very IG worthy, we must say - but what really makes it different from your run of the mill shopping mall is the fact that the whole building is a pop-up store for local artists and designers to display their work.  The 5,300-meter space is divided into different sections. You've got the Street Market,  Market Hall, Terrace Market, Market Ground, and Food Truck Market each of which takes a life of its own, especially during the weekends.

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