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Rainforests. Cascading waterfalls. Rivers. Jagged cliffs and emerald-green mountains. It’s easy to see why Kauai is sometimes called “The Garden Isle.” Some parts of the island — the oldest, fourth largest, and northernmost in the Hawaiian chain — aren’t even accessible by car, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get there. You’ll have to go by sky or sea to check out the Napali Coast along the North Shore, and it’s entirely worth it to see nature in all her island splendor. Other areas to visit for true island beauty includes Waimea State Park, which is like the Grand Canyon of Hawaii, and the extremely popular 80-foot-tall Wailua Falls, the epitome of Hawaiian waterfalls and rainbows, just a short drive north of Lihue. There are gorgeous beaches of course, and a number of great golf courses, and spectacular giant Moreton Fig trees (you know, like the ones from Jurassic Park) at the Allerton & McBryde Gardens on the South Shore. Explore the small towns around the island for dining, drinking and shopping. Kauai, like all of Hawaii, truly celebrates locally grown and made goods. Just remember things go at a slower pace here. Expect extreme relaxation.

Aerial footage provided by: Blue Hawaiian Helicopters and Jack Harter Helicopters

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