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The only thing better than immersing yourself in the lightning-paced lifestyle of a major metropolitan city is pulling yourself right back out of it. At least for a little bit. Lamma Island is a go-to rest and relaxation spot for locals and tourists and anyone else trying to get far away from horns and sirens (truly, there isn’t a single car on the whole rock). The ferry to Sok Kwu Wan pier drops you right near the Lamma Fisherfolk Village, where you can get your hands dirty and learn to fish the old-fashioned way from a retired local angler. If you’re more into eating fish than catching them, make a reservation at legendary seafood restaurant Lamma Rainbow and they’ll shuttle you to the island for free to gorge yourself on butter-fried lobster and honey-pepper crab. After dinner—or maybe you took a power nap on Hung Shing Yeh beach—grab a glass of wine on Yung Shue Wan Main Street and soak up more of that sweet, sweet silence.