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Racks MDB is a NYC-style billiards bar in Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong's clubbing and entertainment district.  Stroll right in (no velvet rope) just like the old days as if you were showing up to a friend’s house with a six-pack of “Natty Light” in hand.  Featuring a heavy rotation of 90’s Hip Hop Jamz, Racks will definitely bring you back to the days when Kriss Kross would make you “Jump, Jump.”

Besides the traditional pub games of billiards and darts, Racks is known for beer pong, flip cup and other drinking games.  On weeknights, many regulars come by for a casual game of pool or darts, but on weekends you can expect a full house, fun music, and lots of high fives.  

Pool sharks are rare visitors but in the midst of a drunken crowd (i.e. blood is in the water) they may emerge. You’ve been warned.