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As tiki bars go, Honi Honi was the first tiki bar in Hong Kong and is one of the best in terms of offering a hidden oasis in a literal concrete jungle . Located in Lan Kwai Fung , Honi Honi pays homage to tiki culture with the usual ubiquitous bamboo wood, hawaiian shirts and colorful decor, but it manages to stop short of garish thanks to the work of the famed Three Wise Monkeys architectural group and owner Max Traverse.

The smallish 1200 sq foot lounge provides a tropical sanctuary amongst the skyscrapers and transports its happy hour and post-work clientele to an island escape aided by exotic cocktails in monkey mugs, coconut shells and hollowed out fruit topped of course with an umbrella or tropical flower. Not surprisingly, the ladies love to Honi Honi and the bar caters to them accordingly with a Ladies Cocktail Club where bartenders teach participants how to mix their own tiki drinks and place their umbrellas just so.

So if you're in the mood for kitsch and aren't embarrassed to sip fruity drinks behind an umbrella, don your loudest tiki shirt and get ready to Honi Honi.