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Scrappy HK Nipponophiles Lindsay Jang and Matt Abergel dedicated their first opus to the simple pleasure of Yakitori – an ode to chicken on a stick.

Appropriately named Yardbird, the restaurant prides itself on not letting virtually any part of the humble bird go to waste. Necks, knees, tails. . . somehow, it all finds its way onto a stick for your consumption. Oh and yeah, you can order the meat too – thighs so savory and succulent, they' ll make a grown man cry. The ironically-named KFC (or KOREAN FRIED CAULIFLOWER) and SWEET CORN TEMPURA are also standouts. Be sure to wash it all down with some of Yardbird's own JUNMAI SAKE. Let loose as the casual, friendly vibe encourages a bit of “irrational exuberance.”

A standing no reservations policy creates a constant line at the door starting at 5:30 PM (half an hour before open), but the line moves quickly and by golly it is worth the wait. Ten minutes by the door and you'll be drooling for gizzards.