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Situated between the Causeway Bay and Tin Hau rail stations, Tai Hang has continued its rebirth since the 1990s. Now gentrified and amid constant redevelopment, we particularly love the mix between the old and new that remains in this cultural neighborhood. Amid new restaurants and trendsetting leisure spots that have become popular with the well off crowds, the old charm remains in tact.

While walking around this neighborhood, keep your eyes out for blossoming street art, traditional grocers, cars in repair and evening games of mahjong beneath the colorful high rises. Both young families and elders move along the wide roads of Tai Hang neighborhood, which one can peruse comfortably in an hour or two. The Fire Dragon dances held here for three days during the Mid-Autumn Festival, which started in 1880, are also worth noting if you're around come Fall.

Who knows how long the remnants of old Hong Kong will last, so we recommend getting here. Like, now.