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Straddling the line between nightclub, bar and speakeasy, Sing Sing gives you the stage for a variety of nightlife experiences. Loosely modeled after a Chinese brothel and traditional opera theater, the symmetrical layout follows traditional principles of feng shui with walkways flowing into hidden spaces and seating areas around the main stage. In terms of musical genres, the theater ambitiously covers a lot of ground while putting a clear impetus on cultural performances and bringing in the cream of international talent at least once a month. It’s truly the type of place you can turn up to socialize, dance or do a bit of both, and that’s why it’s such a popular party venue in Bangkok right now. With clean design, premium service and to die for cocktails like the Lucky Rabbit, Mentalist, Enter the Dragon or the Big Boss, throw on your most stylish duds and let your party animal sing sing. Pro tip: for a more intimate bar experience and good spot to whisper in your partner’s ear, head upstairs to the secret Bruce Lee bar.

Know Before You Go

Foreigners are not always expected to initiate a wai, but you can return one by slightly bowing with your hands pressed together sort of like a prayer. Status is a very important (and complicated) component of Thai culture, but in the most blunt terms, one should only offer wais to those of equal or greater social status.

Mai pen rai is an expression that pretty much sums up the Thai cultural temperament. Don’t worry, no worries, never mind. Even with the hot days, hordes of people and tourist scams, it is never okay to yell or show anger in public. You will embarrass yourself and everyone around you, at best, or get seriously hurt, at worst. Yelling at a Thai causes them to lose face, which often yields a far more aggressive reaction than you would expect in the West.