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Explore the historic city of Beijing and uncover its hidden treasures. You’ll be surprised by all that Beijing has to offer. Do like the locals do and rent a bike to begin your journey.

Featured Locations

1. HouHai

Located in XICHENG DISTRICT, Houhai is otherwise known as Beijing’s back garden and also a perfect getaway within the city. Between the mix of beautiful traditional Chinese architecture and modern restaurants and bars, you will never have a dull moment in Houhai.  

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2. The Great Wall

When in Beijing, the Great Wall is simply a must. Whether or not you care about the history behind this World Wonder, it is nevertheless a sight to behold, and one you won’t easily forget.

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3. Forbidden City

Travel back to ancient times and get a real understanding of Chinese history at the Forbidden City. This architectural feat will let you have a taste of ancient imperial life, and that is an experience that is truly amazing and breathtaking.

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4. Janes & Hooch

 For what is arguably the best cocktails in Beijing, visit Janes & Hooch for a night of drinking that won’t disappoint. After all, it has been the reigning champion of best bar in Beijing several years in a row...


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5. Bottle, Boot, & Cigar

The letters BBC stands for Bottle, Boot & Cigar, and you can probably already guess this is a bar for the stylish gentlemen of Beijing. Whether you’re looking to meet one of those, or you are one yourself, BBC is always a good idea.  

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6. Capital Spirits

You may or may not have heard of Baijiu, and much less try it, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is nonetheless the most sold alcoholic drink in the world. So if you’re curious, then head over to Capital Spirits to pop your Baijiu cherry.

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