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Meanwhile in Taipei, the city doesn’t stop for nobody. Hail a yellow taxi cab to begin your Taipei journey.   

Featured Locations

1. Fika Fika Cafe

Say “god dag” (“hello” in Swedish) to Fika Fika Cafe, a charming ZHONGSHAN DISTRICT café. Surrounded by Yitong Park and bathed in light, it’s a nice change of pace for those seeking a hidden oasis in the city.

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2. James Kitchen

Nothing too fancy, James is all about simple, rustic food prepared and presented well.  These dishes have the feel of traditions passed down from generation to generation, but executed with an edge sharper than your grandma’s knife.

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3. Taipei 101

The tallest building in Taiwan and an iconic landmark for the modern city. Located in Xinyi, you can’t miss it and you won’t want to - it’s impressive.

4. Dajia Riverside Park

Picture yourself getting an early start to your day riding along a lush green lawn and a sparkling blue river; or winding down the weekend chillin’ with a refreshing beer and killer sunset view. If either of those sound appealing to you, Dajia Riverside Park is the place to go.

5. Basketball Courts (Under the bridges)

Tired of the standard gym? Get a local pick up game under the bridges where the local ballers show their love of the game.

6. Orange Shabu Shabu

Whether you are planning ahead or you want to be spontaneous, some hotpot at Orange Shabu Shabu is always a good choice. Grab some friends, start the night off right with some of the best Hot Pot in town.

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7. Chess Club

You’ve been waiting all week to hang with your friends, meet some new people, and make some lasting memories. Hit Chess on Saturday night, it’s the best venue in town to raise a glass with the local hip hop aficionados and dance the night away.  

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