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Whether you’re looking for the perfect place to catch up on your favorite book or the latest gossip with a few friends, this café agrees with you. Located five to ten minutes outside of central Hong Kong, this hillside gem is frequented by all types of locals looking for a daytime escape. The warm and welcoming interior boasts a small, open kitchen and the large, wooden deck is just as pleasant to the eye as the open-air seating is for your soul.

Most guests come not only for the carefully selected range of coffee beans, but the wide variety of brunch dishes. We recommend ordering the COMMON GROUND BREAKFAST where the mushrooms try to steal the show from everything else on your plate as well as the POMEGRANATE CHIPS. The truth is, the well-traveled food and beverage team of this western-styled tea and coffee house strikes gold on all types of palettes.

Beware: the menu changes seasonally so if something catches your eye, get your fill while you can.