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Millions of rabid Instagrammers can't be wrong. Well, they can—neon-hued rainbow bagels come to mind—but in the case of Eggslut they are very, very right. You'll most likely have to wait in line for somewhere near an hour before ordering, but that gives you ample opportunity to imagine what the perfect breakfast sandwich might taste like. By the time you put the first bite in your mouth, you'll realize that chef Alvin Cailan's egg-bacon-cheese-brioche creation supersedes anything that was going on in your head.

Breakfast sandwiches like the FAIRFAX—with scrambled eggs, cheddar, sriracha mayo, and caramelized onions—may be the focus here, the menu at Eggslut has surprising range. The eponymously named SLUT is a meditation on just how luxurious eggs can be. Silken potato puree is topped with an oozy poached egg, a few clippings of fresh chive, and some crunchy gray sea salt for textural reprieve. Just don't forget the eternal Angeleno koan: If your egg sando was never photographed, was it truly eaten at all?


Price $
Type Restaurant
Speciality American style breakfast
Open *
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat
8:00am - 4:00pm

* May vary and subject to change