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A clean environment of wood panels, terrarium plant life and creative art, Elephant Grounds is a go to retreat for great coffee and delicious eats.  The main attraction is the wide assortment of coffee and the array of methods in which it can be prepared for your palate. Pour over, aeropress, bulletproof and full on science kit (yes, Bunsen burners and beakers) brew styles are all available depending on your preference and how much time you have to burn. Hopefully, you aren’t in a rush because the Seared Salmon Salad, prepared with high end sashimi grade salmon, followed by the rotating selection of ice cream sandwiches can really put you in a good place. Founded by streetwear mogul Kevin Poon, Elephant Grounds has three HK locations, a back-store pop up in WOAW and an expanding presence that won’t slip your memory.