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Hong Kong may be the only place in the world where someone will tell you to hop on a Ding Ding with a straight face. The Ding Ding of course is HK’s famed double-decker tram system (that’s what she said – joking!). That being said, hop yo’self on a Ding Ding (North from Causeway Bay) to visit the North Point Wet Market (one of the city’s oldest and largest) for an authentic, “no holds barred” local shopping experience.

Get off at the North Point stop and follow your nose to Chun Yeung Street where you’ll find the source of that pungent aroma: buckets o’ fish (and other sea life) galore spilling over with briny sea water splashing onto the market floor.  Various stalls featuring butchered meats, fresh produce and other eats permeate through this sprawling outdoor market.  If you’re not equipped to wrangle a live crab for cooking later, the market also features many street food / snack offerings for some lip-smacking, instant gratification.

Beware: the market’s vendors are quite loud and aggressive as they hock their wares. If you’re not careful you may end up with a deal you just can’t refuse.