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Designed for exclusive comfort, this classy den is an escape beneath the hustle and bustle of central Hong Kong. If you can find it that is…

With address listings that read “we’ll never tell” and a swarm of locals that vow to maintain the hidden nature of this urban gem, finding the entrance is truly difficult to the untrained eye. Located between two old Hong Kong stalls in the Graham Street Market, look for a black wall with a door cut out. Then ring the doorbell and announce your reservations when prompted (if you don’t have reservations, you’ve already lost).

Inside, the dark wood and turquoise leather accent the elegant décor of the part drinking parlour, part cigar den, part old school lounge vibe. With a strict no standing policy, grab a seat and relax as this hideaway is designed for soft discussion over choice cocktails, whether with close friends or your hot date. The service is superb and the menu accommodates several go to’s – we recommend cozying up with an EARL GREY MARTINI and a GRUYERE GRILLED CHEESE or pairing the LOBSTER ROLL with an OLD FASHIONED.

Whatever your taste, you can win here, as long as you don’t forget the rez.