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In a dark alley of Central Hong Kong, just entering this Japanese grill is part of the experience. After your initial alleyway entrance, take a brief elevator ride with local businessmen or hostesses from the several bars sandwiched among the building’s nine floors. Next, find the “members only” door, complete with peephole for the no frills staff, and give it a knock. Once you've gained entry, feast your eyes on the intricately decorated interior featuring old sake labels and bamboo box lanterns while they check your reservation. Now you're ready for mounds of delicious skewers.

Whether you’re bringing your friends or that special someone, the open grills and skillful chefs that man them are definitely set to impress. If you don't speak Chinese or Japanese, be sure to hone your “order-by-pointing” mannerisms or turn to the happy and always attentive staff for help. Piles of skewers then appear magically in front of you and make sure they include the OX TONGUE, CHICKEN SKIN, or MUSHROOM SKEWERS and the FOIE GRAS AND EGG RICE,all true signatures worth a taste.

Upon leaving, you'll come out of the alley hoping no one else finds it.