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Modern and rustic, Mud Hen Water offers a twist on familiar Hawaiian flavors. The name is the English translation of Wai’alae, the neighborhood surrounding the restaurant. It’s a small nod to its Hawaiian roots and the sense of community through food.

Chef and owner, Ed Kenney, oversees Mud Hen Water along with Town, Kalmuki Superette, and Mahina & Sun’s. He was inspired by his own mom’s sentiments on food and hospitality, fondly remembering their open door policy. He set out to make an inviting neighborhood spot but at the same time keeping with Hawaii’s quickly evolving food scene. Mud Hen Water does just that, specializing in small plates to encourage diners to share.

Enjoy dishes like the Beet Poke and Smoke Meat Carbonara with a strong cocktail in their generous patio. Whether it’s to catch up with friends, an anniversary dinner, or an hour to yourself, you’re in good company here.