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The food at North Italia can probably best be described as 'bountiful'—you can almost picture someone's nonna ladling meatballs over mountains of pudgy noodles. Just try to find a table here that isn't covered in gigantic bowls of pasta showered with cheese, rotund slabs of crispy chicken parm, and sprawling boards draped with prosciutto, burrata, and olives. The pizza is airier than you're expecting, with a thin crust that's still sturdy enough to hold up to topping combos like fig, goat cheese, and prosciutto. After pizza—and maybe a few glasses of Lambrusco—you should probably move your way toward the starchier, saucier side of things. Short Ribs are braised for 12 hours before landing atop the RADIATORI in a light cream sauce. The SALTED CARAMEL BUDINO is the perfect pregame to a food coma.