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Whether it’s a celebration, a date night, or even just to wind down from a long day, it’s time to get your drank on, and these are the perfect places to do it in Beijing. Have a look at these sleek bars and speakeasies, call for a reservation, and bring along a friend.

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1. Mei Bar

Located on the 5th floor of the Rosewood hotel, Mei Bar is a lounge concept that covers all the bases with a cocktail bar, wine and whiskey bar. Each bar has its own personality offering something different for everyone. 

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2. Capital Spirits

Capital Spirits claims the distinction of being the world’s first bar dedicated to Baijiu and other hard to find craft liquors. They act as Baijiu historians and educators determined to introduce a new generation to the national drink.

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3. Mao Mao Chong

This ever popular hutong bar has been trendy for over a decade because of its inventive cocktails and great prices. With nightly drink specials and gourmet pizza, it’s tough to beat.  Infusing some local and inherently Chinese flavors like Sichuan peppercorn, be sure to ask about the homegrown cocktails like the Mala Mule.

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4. Botany

Not your typical speakeasy, Botany is hidden in an apartment complex and accessible only by friend referrals for appointments directly with the owner and bartender Frankie Zou. What sets Botany apart from other cocktail bars? Everything besides the alcohol – juices, syrups, bitters, garnishes, snacks - is grown and prepared in house.

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