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In a city of dense skyscrapers and even denser population, Hong Kong is filled to the brim with opportunity and undiscovered places, a never ending list of restaurants and shops. And yet, these are the five incredible local eats that have survived the test of time. Those who love Hong Kong fare need to get in the know, stat.

Featured Locations

1. Mak's Noodles

Arguably the best wonton soup in Hong Kong, Mak’s noodle is a favorite among many. If you’re curious, we think there’s no better way to find out than to go and see for yourself.

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2. Australia Dairy Co.

For a plate of fluffy eggs and toast, you have to try Australia Dairy Co. Their menu doesn’t have much else, but we aren’t complaining. Don’t be alarmed by their unfriendly service, oh, and don’t forget to order the milk custard as well.

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3. Lung Wah Hotel

If you’re in the mood for some pigeon, try Lung Wah Hotel’s pigeon dishes, they are the best and most famous by far. Who knows? It just might become your new favorite meat.

4. Milktealogy

People that like milk tea will definitely appreciate Milktealogy, because they’re hellbent on creating the perfectly-balanced cup. Aside from milk tea, they also sell plenty of other dishes that will hit the spot.

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5. Lin Heung Tea House

A famous and popular joint among locals that serves traditional Chinese dim sum, Lin Heung Tea House has been open since the 20’s, and is an absolute must-try. I mean, when in Hong Kong, right?

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