No sugar coating here, these are some of our absolute favorite picks in Asia.  Each restaurant is a defining experience for the region, and offers something uniquely different from other local eats.

1. FU1015 | Shanghai

Housed in a beautiful European-style establishment, Fu1015 was once the home of one of Shanghai’s richest bankers back in the 1920’s. Today, the architecture and decor has still maintained much of the glamour and glitz of the Jazz Age, with its understated yet sophisticated dark wood interior.

While all the other restaurants under the Fu group are worth a visit in their own right, Fu1015 has created an incomparable dining experience. Set in a gorgeous private residence, the impeccable service plus scrumptious, authentic Shanghainese cuisine does indeed allow one to feel like an Asian Gatsby in the heart of Shanghai.

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2. Gwanghwamunzip | Seoul

There’s only one place -in the world- worth going to for kimchi soup, and it’s Gwanghwamunzip in Seoul. I mean, hey, if you love Korean food it only makes sense to travel to the motherland to see how it’s truly done, right? But leave your expectations for elaborate decor and ornate plating at the door, because if you want the good stuff, you’ve got to be willing to get down.

This local joint has been killing the game for over 40 years, and it’s still packing tables; an impressive testament to just how delicious their food is. So get ready to roll up your sleeves, and slurp down bowl after bowl of kimchi soup.

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3. Mott 32 | Hong Kong

Mott 32 has truly made a name for itself since its inception, creating a dining experience that’s all about celebrating Hong Kong’s culture and cuisine. With it’s vintage Hong Kong slash industrial decor, Mott 32 is a sight to behold.

More than just the decor however, Mott 32 serves world-class traditional Cantonese cuisine, under the guidance of Michelin-starred chef, Man Sing Lee. Their signature dishes (such as the Peking Duck) are definitely considered to be among Asia’s best. After a hearty meal, you definitely want to try at least one of their creative cocktails, you won’t be disappointed.

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4. Ushigoro | Tokyo

We're just going to come right out and say it: Ushigoro is LIT. Trust us, you haven’t had real, delicious yakiniku until you’ve had Ushigoro. Why? Because all they serve is A5 Wagyu, all day errday. (That’s the bombest of bomb Japanese Wagyu in case you didn’t know). If you care at all about quality, attention to detail, or how your meats are cut, then Ushigoro is your friend, cause Ushigoro knows. Basically, everything on the menu is pretty darn delectable, they’ve even managed to elevate something as basic as a potato salad. Respect.

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5. Ningxia Night Market | Taipei

To know Taiwan is to know its night markets, and Ningxia night market is a well-known favorite, especially if your purpose is to eat rather than to shop. All the best of Taiwanese food is offered here, and if you really want to understand Taiwanese culture, you’ve got to understand the Taiwanese palate. It’s better to go with an open mind and hungry stomach, because you’re going to want to gorge yourself on all the fried taro balls and oyster omelettes you come across. Another really cool feature that’s special to Ningxia night market is that they have a ‘chef’s table’ that lets you order directly from 20 of Ningxia’s finest food vendors, without having to wait in line for any of them. Isn’t that nice and thoughtful?

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Issaya Siamese Club | Bangkok

Set in a beautiful home that has more than a century’s worth of history, Issaya Siamese Club is the place to go for some modern Thai dining. By using traditional, homegrown ingredients, Chef Kittichai has brought life and soul to modern Thai food, garnering a lot of attention and praise in the process. The slightly secluded location, the tropical gardens, and the charming decor, all add up to create a splendid ambience, a romantic night to be remembered.

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