You’re out late wandering down a neon-lit street in Asia. You’re feeling a distinct thirst for ethanol and an urge to make this night a memorable one. Here are the bars in Asia that will deliver both.

1. B28 Bottle Club | Seoul

Forget about pushing through a crowd of thirsty bar-goers to get one miserable drink. Nuh-uh. B28 Bottle Club sees you and relates to your #struggle, therefore they decided to bring the bar to you. As the name suggests, this bottles-only club caters to each table with a mobile bartender that’s ready to prepare any drink that your heart desires. Remember to come with friends or a worthy companion, the chill music and ambiance make for the perfect place for a memorable conversation.

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2. R&D Cocktail Lab | Taipei

You know a bar will deliver if their logo is the actual molecular structure for ethanol. A step into this bar is a step to another world, so expect the unexpected. For instance, there is no menu. Each drink is mixed to match the taste and preference of each client and made with seasonal ingredients that are locally grown and picked by the mixologists themselves. You’ll be a bit hesitant at first but after the first sip… Let’s just say you’ll be ordering more than one.

Pro tip: They do have a regular menu with dishes that are meant to satisfy your belly’s cravings. We recommend the Laulau Platter and Pork Belly Guabao.

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3. Foxglove | Hong Kong

Care for a one-of-a-kind umbrella? A live jazz concert maybe? What about a Fox Martini?

Sure, there’s been a wave of speakeasy bars in Asia but very few choose to disguise themselves as an actual functioning umbrella shop. Once inside the bar, you’ll find that you’ve teletransported into a first-class aeroplane cabin or perhaps an elegant cruise ship. Johnny Bui, Co-owner of Foxglove, really brought the elegance and class of the 20s into the face paced world of HKs nightlife.


HINT: One of the umbrellas on display could be they key to your element of your night ;)

There’s nothing that plays the heartstrings of an alcohol connoisseur more than a well-disguised speakeasy.

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4. Speak Low | Shanghai

Have you ever heard of three speakeasies in one? Well, if you come to Shanghai you’ll have the pleasure of experiencing it in the flesh. The first floor is carefully disguised -as all speakeasies are- as a bartender utility shop. Slide the bookcase to the side and voilá! Speakeasy number 1 has been unlocked! Continue going up and once you’re on the second floor you’ll find a map, press Shanghai and there you go, speakeasy número dos. The third is exclusive for VIPs and/or if you’ve made a reservation but who knows? Anything can happen in a triple speakeasy bar.

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5. Capital Spirits | Shanghai

When the baijiu comes out and the words “ganbei” are said in a business meeting you know it’s your duty to down that glass like it’s nobody’s business, no matter what. Capital Spirits has come to break that stereotype. Their brick walls and laid back interiors give off a lively, friendly, and all around feel good atmosphere relieves the pressure off the often stigmatized drink. All they want is for you to drink  that shot of baijiu at your own time and enjoy it for what it is, a heritage of Chinese culture.

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6. Matsutora | Tokyo

Alas, another speakeasy bar, but their unique atmosphere and drinks are what makes it a must-stop on your travel list. This speakeasy is a real secret in the buzzing neighborhood of Edison, Tokyo. It’s dim interior and reddish lighting will make you feel like you’re actually in some sort of elite club no-one knows about.  Sit wherever you please and have a well-deserved drink with the sound of a crackling fireplace as your background music. Bring a friend and hide in the shadows, don’t worry Matsutora is good at  keeping secrets.

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7. Sing Sing Theatre | Bangkok

Is it a nightclub? A bar? An…. old Chinese theatre? It’s a little bit of everything and that’s what makes this spot a place worth visiting. With it’s unique vibe and an Chinoiserie style and interior, Sing Sing has become a highlight in Bangkok’s nightlife. Ladies dressed in stylish yet elegant costumes, good music, and a great selection of cocktails are all part of the welcoming committee once you step into this funky time-machine of a bar.  

PRO-TIP: IF you want to get away from the sensory explosion of the main bar, head upstairs to the secret Bruce Lee bar.

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