Culture culture culture! That’s what makes the world so vibrant and beautiful, including these uniquely Asian experiences

1. Chatuchak Market | Bangkok

Because there is nothing more culturally enlightening than taking a stroll in Asia’s largest open market.

Behold, Chatuchak Weekend Market. This historic market opened in the early 40s and it’s overwhelming in the best of ways. With over 8,000 stalls divided into 27 different sections, you better bet that they have what you’re looking for, and more, a lot more. This market knows no limits, if something can be purchased, they have it. Local food, books, ceramics, antiques, souvenirs, and even some pieces of contemporary art!  Basically it’s a curious travelers’ heaven.

Getting there: Take the skytrain (BTS) to Mo Chit station then take exit no. 1 and look for the clothing stalls, turn right and keep going straight until you see a small entrance and, voilá! You’re there.

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2. Maokong Gondola | Taipei

Because you get to fly above a city, visit a historic temple, go to the zoo, and end your day with a cup of tea in the mountains. 

We can hear you saying it. “All that in a day?” and the answer is, yes. Welcome to Taipei’s very own Maokong Gondolas. For less than two bucks, you can ride up the Muzha mountains and see Taipei from above. Start your tour at the Zoo and say hello to Yuan Zai, Yuan Yuan, and Tuan Tuan, Taipei’s Zoo’s celebrity pandas. Next, get down at Zhinan temple station and walk around the 135 year-old temple nestled in the mountains. Finally, explore the mountains of Muzha and take a rest in any of the charming tea shops and watch the sun set over the city. You’re welcome.

Getting there: Take the metro and get off at Taipei Zoo station (brown line). After, simply transfer to the cable cars!

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3. Robot Restaurant | Tokyo

Because you get to have a drink with giant dancing robots. 

Bizarre doesn’t begin to describe what goes on in Robot Restaurant. Located in a basement in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district, this crazy venue will literally blow your mind. So, what happens here? Neon tanks, sexy heroines/cyborgs with metallic breasts, robots, and monsters all dance in perfect unison to an extremely elaborate choreography while you sit and watch this outlandish show unfold in front of you.  If you’re wondering what you should be doing in the middle of all this mayhem, well just let go and join in on the madness, it’s the best way to go. 

Getting there: Take the metro to Shinjuku Station East Exit for Kabukicho then cross the street and walk down Yasukuni Dori boulevard. You’ll find Robot Restaurant on Sakura Dori.

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4. Wuzhen | Shanghai

Because you can cruise down a 1,300 year-old water town.

Located in northern Zhejiang Province, this water-town has plenty of stories to tell. It’s divided into four sections but Xizha and Dongzha are the ones we recommend exploring. Each street and corner in this water-town has a unique history and this is why its canals draw many curious tourists and locals alike. If you’re into history and culture, then you’ll feel right at home. Visit the Chinese Foot Binding Culture Museum, Museum of Folk Customs, attend any the folk activities in the area, or just try the local food. Trust us, you won’t get bored.

Getting there: Take a bus from Shanghai South Long-Distance Bus Station. Then switch to local bus K350 to get to Xizha.

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5. Banpo Hangang Park | Seoul

Because you can chill under the  longest fountain bridge in the world.

Watch the Han River come to life under the LED lights of the Banpo Bridge in the heart of Seoul. Although this is definitely the biggest attraction of the park, it is not the only thing worth staying for. The lights will definitely give you a different perspective of the city.  Three artificial floating islands,that work as a major convention hall, performing arts center, and aquatic center,  bicycle paths, grand lawns, and even food trucks! Go with friends, go with a date, go with family, heck, go alone! Just go!

Getting there: Take the Subway Line 3, Line 7, or Line 9 to Express Bus Terminal Stationand get out at  exit 8-1. Walk straight until you reach and intersection, turn right and walk about 15 minutes and you’re there!

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6. The Great Wall of China | Beijing


No, 13,000 miles of a manmade wall with history is NOT overrated. Tourist trap or not, it is undeniable that it is a monument of human history. If you really want to go down the road less traveled, there is a portion known as the “Wild Wall” which has not been renovated and is not infested by tourists and vendors. BEWARE: Wandering around this can be dangerous, so take the necessary precautions.

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Golden Computer Arcade | Hong Kong

Because there’s a three story building where you can geek out on all sorts of electronics.

Golden Computer Arcade

At the heart of Hong Kong lies every geek’s dream land. If you’re looking for new electronics, they have them. If you’re looking for cables, chargers,, phone accessories, games, camera equipment…well, you name it, they probably have it. This store has hundreds of little shops crammed into 4 floors all of them selling any and all the electronics on the face of the Earth. It’s most famous for building custom laptops and PCs that fit each user's needs. So if you want more RAM space, a faster graphic card, or upgrade your laptop in anyway this is the place to go.

Getting there: Take the MTR to the Sham Shui Po station on the red line and exit on D2, once you’re out you can’t miss the neon sign on the left.

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