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Is it weird to eat one of the city's best bowls of pasta out of a cardboard box? Sure, but not nearly weird enough to stop you from coming back to this Grand Central Market stall again, and again, and again until you've carbo-loaded like an ultra marathoner. Chef Bruce Kalman has mastered the fast-casual pasta game. The SPAGHETTI AND MEATBALLS with Sunday gravy—a long-simmered tomato sauce studded with all kinds of meat trimmings—is Goodfellas good, and the CHESTNUT FETTUCCINE ALFREDO puts a chef-y twist on the creamy old-school classic. If there's anything Kalman does better than pasta, it's PORCHETTA. At Knead he stuffs the crispy pork belly slab into a house-baked roll along with roasted rapini and pickley giardiniere, and serves it with a sidecar of rich pork jus for dipping.