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Meat lovers unite! From 1++ premium Hanwoo beef to mouth-watering marinated beef short ribs, Seoul has got its meat game on check. Here are the places your meat-loving heart would love. Because becoming a vegetarian would be a terrible missed steak.

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1. Keunjip

This go-to BBQ place will always have your back, literally. They are open 24/7 and serve all sorts of meats and special cuts as well as delicious soups, make sure to try the Ox Bone Soup to wash down all the yumminess.

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2. Gangnam Myeonok

This local spot is definitely meat heaven. Their juicy and tender beef ribs are carefully braised with soy sauce and sugar and they pair off nicely with cold noodles. Is your mouth watering yet? We know it is.

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3. Two Plus

Perfect for the fancier meat lover, this place serves Korean Hanwoo 1++ grade beef (two-plus? Get it?) and other select meats that will for sure satisfy your meaty needs and if you’re feeling like pairing your meal with wine, bring your own! Two-plus is totally okay with you sippin’ from your own poison.

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4. Butcher's Cut

This, boys and girls, is the place for steak enthusiasts. The inside is much like that of a steakhouse and works well as a hangout spot for friends and family. If you’re yearning for that classic steak meal, this is your spot.