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Taipei’s food scene is ever-changing and beginning to grow at a rapid pace, and as of 2017, certain restaurants that have emerged have begun making some serious waves. These casual fine dining spots have either introduced a fresh take on classic dishes, or just brought something entirely new and different to the table. Each of these now essential restaurants seek to make an impact on the way Taiwanese people view food, and perhaps teach the people a thing or two about the local ingredients that Taiwan has to offer. So whenever you’re in the mood for a culinary experience that’s contemporary and avant-garde, check out these restaurants.

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1. Raw

By the Michelin-starred chef André Chiang, step into Raw and you'll be transported into a world of art and cuisine. Combining French techniques with local seasonal ingredients, their ever-changing menu always impresses. Just pray you get a resy.

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Looking for some place sexy? Mume creates an intimate setting and vibe, what with the soft lighting, shared plates and delicious alcoholic drinks. What better place to wow your date?

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3. Achoi

For a livelier ambiance, Achoi's open kitchen and high ceilings make for a comfortable dining experience. Don't forget to check out their speakeasy bar, hidden somewhere in the restaurant... we'll let you find it on your own.

4. Tua Culture

Bring your best mates to Tua Culture, a warm, yet sophisticated Taiwanese restaurant that elevates the local cuisine beyond the traditional. “Tua” is Taiwanese for a gathering of loved ones over dinner, and the restaurant more than delivers what it calls the “Taiwanese way of homey fine-dining.


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5. Ephernite

The name of the restaurant is a combination of two french words : ephemeral and eternity - meaning that a feeling lasts a moment, but memories are forever. Just the name alone makes it a perfect dating spot.