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As one of the most well-preserved geological sites in all of Asia, the UNESCO Geopark is an invaluable scientific and educational resource. But, if you forgot to pack your microscope and testing kit (shame on you!) there are some killer hiking spots with super unique features that double as awesome social media fodder. Who wouldn’t want a picture standing next an ominous mass of anthropomorphized black stone called Devil’s Thumb? Plus, if your soul doesn’t melt at least a little bit under the majesty of million-year-old hexagonal volcanic rock structures radiating auburn light, you’re, like, probably not human. Hike your way around the Sai Kung section, where most of the truly spectacular landmarks are concentrated, then head down to the Hakka village in the Lai Chi Wo Section to snack on fresh lychee and Hakka-style yam dumplings. Nature is always better when dumplings are involved. Some parts of the park, like the bright red sandstone cliffs of Tung Ping Chau, are hard to get to by yourself, so it’s not a bad idea to join a guided tour.

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