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Welcome to the bustling city of Hong Kong, where an endless stream of excitement awaits. Step into an underground MTR to begin your journey.


Featured Locations:


1. Elephant Grounds

Grab a morning cup of coffee or share a delicious snack with friends for a quick hangout sesh at Elephant Grounds, one of Hong Kong’s most popular cafe options.

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2. Kowloon

Explore the Kowloon side of Hong Kong and discover all it has to offer, from shopping at Harbor city, to eating authentic Thai food and desserts, to buying rare flowers at the fresh flower street, to checking out limited edition kicks on sneaker street. You don’t want to miss it.

3. Big Bucket

All the walking one does when in Hong Kong calls for a trip to Big Buckets, where you can relax and finally get those sore feet massaged. They’re efficient, well-priced and clean, and that’s all you need.

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4. Wishing Tree

Located in LAM TSUEN and consisting of two main Banyan trees, the Wishing Trees are famous for being filled with thousands of wishes. The local tradition is that if you can successfully toss your paper wish onto the tree, then it will surely come true.

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5. Vinyl Hero

Whether it’s collectors, turntablists, or just music lovers, there’s always someone at Vinyl Hero looking for some obscure Vinyl record... and just so because Vinyl Hero boasts a truly impressive collection of music.

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6. Happy Valley Horse Races

For an experience that is distinctly Hong Kong, go to the Happy Valley Horse Races on a Wednesday evening. It’s nothing like your royal ascot, but instead includes a lot of drinking, dancing, and having fun.

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7. Stockton

Begin your Friday night at Stockton, a beautiful speakeasy designed in the style of the 1800s. The drinks are tasty, the crowd is sophisticated, and the night is young, so get ready to go on a wild ride.

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